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    Feb 23, 2011
    Jan 19, 2018

    Nov 15, 2017
    Company Street City/State
    American Unions Embroidery Swiggum Rd Westby, WI
    Ashland Super One Foods Ellis Ave Ashland, WI
    Belmont Care Center Belmont Rd Madison, WI
    Bethel Home Inc. Eagle St Oshkosh, WI
    Birchwood Foods 152nd Ave Kenosha, WI
    Birchwood Security 152nd Ave Kenosha, WI
    Birchwood Transport 152nd Ave Kenosha, WI
    Birds Eye Foods County Rd X Darien, WI
    Calumet Diversified Meats, Inc. 80th Ave Pleasant Prairie, WI
    Compass Minerals America, Inc. 13th Ct Kenosha, WI
    Country Maid, Inc. South Kinnickinnic Milwaukee, WI
    Crossroads Care Center of Milwaukee, LLC. Highland Blvd Milwaukee, WI
    Daniels Sentry Court St Janesville, WI
    Daniels Sentry Milwaukee St Janesville, WI
    Eastowne Hair Artists Port Washington Rd Mequon, WI
    Executive Styling Shop Grove Ave Racine, WI
    Fair Oaks Farms 95th St Pleasant Prairie, WI
    Fond du Lac Lutheran Home N Macy St Fond du Lac, WI
    Fred Usinger, Inc. 3rd St Milwaukee, WI
    Gayle’s Barber Shop Main St Cameron, WI
    Hair By Rocco Beauty Salon Rapids Dr Racine, WI
    Health Care Services Group- Hospitality Manor 32nd Ave Kenosha, WI
    Hormel Foods Kennedy Dr Beloit, WI
    Hospitality Nursing & Rehab 32nd Ave Kenosha, WI
    JBS Lime Kiln Rd Green Bay, WI
    Klement Sausage Company, Inc. Lincoln Ave Milwaukee, WI
    Kraft’s Barber Shop Clinton St La Crosse, WI
    Mario’s 16th St Racine, WI
    McCain Foods Plover, WI
    Mega Mart - 35th and North 35th St Milwaukee, WI
    Mega Mart - 76th and Coldspring South 76th Greenfield, WI
    Mega Mart - Bay View - Holt W Holt Ave Milwaukee,  WI
    Mega Mart - Bluemound East W Bluemound Rd Milwaukee, WI
    Mega Mart - Brass S 63rd St Kenosha, WI
    Mega Mart - Brookfield W Capitol Dr Brookfield, WI
    Mega Mart - Caledonia Douglas Ave Caledonia, WI
    Mega Mart - Cleveland S 108th St West Allis, WI
    Mega Mart - Cudahy S Packard Ave Cudahy,  WI
    Mega Mart - East Garfield E Garfield Ave Milwaukee, WI
    Mega Mart - Franklin S Lovers Lane Franklin, WI
    Mega Mart - Golds - Brown Deer N Green Bay Rd Milwaukee, WI
    Mega Mart - Golds - East Pointe Lyon St Milwaukee, WI
    Mega Mart - Golds - Grafton Falls Rd Grafton, WI
    Mega Mart - Good Hope W Good Hope Rd Milwaukee, WI
    Mega Mart - Green Tree Port Washington Rd Milwaukee, WI
    Mega Mart - Hales Corners S 108th St Hales Corners, WI
    Mega Mart - Kenosha North 18th St Kenosha, WI
    Mega Mart - Kenosha South 75th St Kenosha, WI
    Mega Mart - Loomis S 27th St Milwaukee, WI
    Mega Mart - Market Square W National Ave West Allis,  WI
    Mega Mart - Menomonee Falls County Line Rd Menomonee Falls, WI
    Mega Mart - Menomonee Falls - East Appleton Ave Menomonee Falls, WI
    Mega Mart - Midtown W Capitol Dr Milwaukee, WI
    Mega Mart - Mt. Pleasant N Green Bay Rd Racine, WI
    Mega Mart - Oak Creek S Howell Ave Oak Creek, WI
    Mega Mart - Ruby Isle N Calhound Rd Brookfield, WI
    Mega Mart - Ryan Road W Ryan Road Oak Creek, WI
    Mega Mart - South Milwaukee S Chicago Ave South Milwaukee, WI
    Mega Mart - State Street W State St Milwaukee, WI
    Mega Mart - Sunset West W Sunset Dr Waukesha, WI
    Mega Mart - Walnut/Mayfair N Mayfair Rd Wauwatosa, WI
    Mega Mart - Watertown Meat Church St Watertown, WI
    Mega Mart - West Milwaukee Miller Parkway West Milwaukee,  WI
    Mega Mart - Whitnall S Whitnall Ave St Francis, WI
    Mega Mart - Racine S Green Bay Rd Racine, WI
    Metcalfe Sentry Midvale Blvd Madison, WI
    Metcalfe Sentry- Wauwatosa State St Wauwatosa, WI
    Metro Market - Brookfield/Bluemound Bluemound Rd Brookfield, WI
    Metro Market - Cottage Grove Cottage Grove Rd Madison, WI
    Metro Market - Shorewood Oakland Ave Shorewood, WI
    Miner’s Super One Foods – Iron Mt. Stephenson Ave Iron Mountain, MI
    Miner’s Super One Foods – Ironwood Miller Trunk Hwy Hermantown, MI
    Monogram Appetizers Post Rd Plover, WI
    Nestle Food Company Eau Claire, WI
    Nestle USA Nutrition Division Venture Dr Eau Claire, WI
    Office Solution - USA Inc. 3rd St La Crosse, WI
    OSI (Redi-Serve Food Division) Industrial Dr Fort Atkinson, WI
    Outpost Capitol Dr Milwaukee, WI
    Outpost Kinnickinnic Ave Milwaukee, WI
    Outpost State St Wauwatosa, WI
    Outpost W Mequon Rd Mequon, WI
    Patrick Cudahy Barnard Ave Cudahy, WI
    People’s Food Co-Op 5th Ave La Crosse, WI
    Pick ‘n Save - Monroe 8th St Monroe, WI
    Pick ‘n Save - Silvernail Silvernail Rd Pewaukee, WI
    Pick ‘n Save - Sunset E Sunset Dr Waukesha, WI
    Piggly Wiggly #04 14th Pl Kenosha, WI
    Piggly Wiggly #09 Durand Ave Racine, WI
    Portage Lake Water & Sewage Authority Princess Point Dr Houghton, MI
    Red Arrow Products a Kerry Business Red Arrow Dr Rhinelander, WI
    Regent Market Cooperative Regent St Madison, WI
    Restaurant Depot  6th St Milwaukee, WI
    Seidel Tanning Corp. Meinecke Ave Milwaukee, WI
    Seneca Foods East Conde St Janesville, WI
    Shawano Health Services Lincoln St Shawano, WI
    Strauss Veal Hales Corners
    Superior National Bank & Trust Co. Quincy St Hancock, MI
    Union 1st Laser Technologies 3rd St La Crosse, WI
    Van Holten's 703 W Madison St Waterloo, WI
    Viroqua Foods Coop 609 N Main St Viroqua, WI
    Wenzel’s Farm, LLC 29th St Marshfield, WI
    Wisconsin Vision Casaloma Dr Appleton, WI
    Wisconsin Vision Johnson St Fond du Lac, WI
    Wisconsin Vision Mason St Green Bay, WI
    Wisconsin Vision Koeller Oshkosh, WI
    Wisconsin Vision Memorial Pl Sheboygan, WI
    Wisconsin Vision - Bluemound W Bluemound Rd Elm Grove, WI
    Wisconsin Vision - Burleigh W Burleigh St Milwaukee, WI
    Wisconsin Vision - Franklin S 27th St Franklin, WI
    Wisconsin Vision - Grafton N Port Washington Rd Grafton, WI
    Wisconsin Vision - Greenfield S 76th St Greenfield, WI
    Wisconsin Vision - Janesville 2929 Milton Ave Janesville, WI
    Wisconsin Vision - Layton W Layton Ave Milwaukee, WI
    Wisconsin Vision - Lens Best Corp W Cleveland Ave New Berlin, WI
    Wisconsin Vision - Menomonee Falls Appleton Ave Menomonee Falls, WI
    Wisconsin Vision - Silvernail Silvernail Rd Waukesha, WI
    Wisconsin Vision - Washington Ave E Washington Ave Madison, WI
    Wisconsin Vision - Waukesha E Sunset Dr Waukesha, WI
    Wisconsin Vision - West Allis S 108th St West Allis, WI
    Wisconsin Vision - West Gate Odana Rd Madison, WI
    Wisconsin Vision- Kenosha 75th St Kenosha, WI
    Wisconsin Vision- Mt. Pleasant Durand Ave Racine, WI
    Wisconsin Vision- Racine Douglas Ave Racine, WI
    Woodman’s Food Stores (Meat Dept) N Lexington Dr Janesville, WI
    Woodman’s Food Stores (Meat Dept) Gammon Rd Madison, WI
    Woodman’s Food Stores (Meat Dept) Milwaukee St Madison, WI
    Woodman’s Food Stores (Meat Dept) Hwy 16 Onalaska, WI
    WPS Madison, WI

    Nov 19, 2008

    You may encounter different types of problems at work which require assistance or advice. The following is meant to be a guide in resolving these situations.

    What should you do if you are called into the office? If you believe that you are being called into a supervior's office for the purpose of discipline or to defend your conduct you are entitled, as a union member, to be represented.


    Not every discussion with management is an investigatory interview. For example, a supervisor may speak to an employee about the proper way to do a job. Even if the supervisor asks the employee questions, this is not an investigatory interview because the possibility of discipline is remote.

    A routine conversation changes character if a supervisor becomes dissatisfied with an employee and takes a hostile attitude. If this happens the meeting could well result in discipline and you should ask for your Union Representative.


    There are those times when a supervisor is gathering some information, but if you believe that the investigatory interview could lead to discipline, other adverse consequences, or to defend your conduct, you have a right to make a request for representation and should do so. You may feel intimidated by a supervisor or someone else trained in interrogation techniques or they may try to coerce you into confessing to a wrong-doing.

    For all of these reasons you should request union representation. You must make a clear request for union representation (you cannot be punished for making this request). After you have made the request the employer must:

    •  Grant the request and delay questioning until a Union Representative arrives, or
    •  Deny the request and end the interview immediately, or
    •  Offer you the choice to continue the meeting without a Union Representative. It  would be best to wait until you have representation so that you have the  benefit of someone trained to handle such a situation.

    If the employer denies the request for union representation and continues to ask questions, he has commiteed an unfair labor practice; you have a right to refuse to answer and cannot be disciplined for such refusal. You must, however, make the request to be represented by the Union.


    When a supervisor calls an employee to the office to announce a warning or issue discipline, this would not constitute an investigatory interview as the supervisor is informing the employee of a previous decision of management. However, if the supervisor asks questions that are related to the incident which resulted in the discipline, it then becomes an investigatory interview to which you are entitled to union representation upon your request.

    The Union Representative or Steward can provide assistance and counsel you during the interview as well as speak up for you during the interview


    If your employer asks you to sign any document relative to a disciplinary matter or that could adversely affect your job, be careful.

    Most of the time the best course of action is not to sign any document without first discussing it with your Union Representative.

    Be sure to ask your employer for a copy of any document that you are requested to sign. If you have any problem or questions contact your Union Representative.


    For: Questions, Comments or Assistance?
    Contact: UFCW Local 1473 at 1-800-472-1660

    Nov 19, 2008
    Showing Interest #1   The National Labor Relations (NLRB) requires that a minimum of 30 percent of the employees sign authorization cards/petitions before it will conduct an election.
    Election Petition Filed #2   Local No. 1473 presents the cards/petitions to the NLRB with a request that it conduct an election. The employer never sees the authorization cards/petitions, and the NLRB won't even tell how many employees filled them out.
    Election Date Set #3   The Union, an employer representative, and the NLRB meet to set an election date.
    NLRB Election
    (Secret Ballot)
    #4   You decide by a secret ballot if you want UFCW Local No. 1473 to begin negotiations with your employer. A "Yes" vote gives you the chance to proceed.
    Preparation for Negotiations #5   During the seven to ten days it takes for the NLRB to certify the election results, you and your fellow employees will meet to decide what specific benefits you would like to have in a first contract. Also, you will start thinking about electing a negotiating committee.
    Please return your contract questionnaire.
    Negotiations #6   The employees' negotiating committee, UFCW representatives, and the employer begin a series of meetings to work out differences and develop a contract offer.
    Registering to Vote #7   The employees' will fill out a membership application, which allows you the right to vote.
    Ratification #8   You will meet to discuss and vote (by secret ballot) on the employer's offer. If rejected, we go back into negotiations. If accepted, wage rates and all new benefits begin.

    For: Questions, Comments or Assistance?
    Contact: UFCW Local 1473 at 1-800-472-1660

    Jan 18, 2018
    WISCONSIN COUNTIES Ashland Ashland Super One Foods 401 Ellis Ave. Ashland WI Barron Gayle’s Barber Shop 906 Main St.
    Jan 19, 2018


    World War II and Korean War Veteran, Master Sergeant, Dewey Edward Smith passed away on November 11, 1997.

    Appropriately, this decorated veteran (Silver Star Recipient for Gallantry in Action) passed on Veteran’s Day. His son,

    Richard Smith, is a proud member of UFCW Local 1473 in Rhinelander, WI.

    On Veteran’s Day, November 11, 1998 Rick spent the entire day in quiet reflection in remembrance of his Father’s

    passing a year earlier, at the Union Grove Cemetery in Harshaw, WI and noticed that not a single other person

    visited the cemetery to honor the fellow Veterans that laid beside his Father’s final resting place.

    With this in mind, Rick took it upon himself to give the attention deserved to the Veterans buried there, as well as

    Veterans and active duty soldiers across this Country.

    Rick started the Veterans Ceremony, held each year on the Saturday before Memorial Day in Harshaw, WI.,

    a small community with a population of about 1000. The ceremony involves a flyover, cannon fire and rifle reports,

    as well as bag pipes, musical entertainment and speakers.

    The Veterans Ceremony is just one event each year that Rick and fellow UFCW Member and Army Veteran,

    John Pauke are involved in to bring the recognition and respect to the Veterans and their families that have sacrificed to

    protect the freedoms that we all enjoy and 2018 will mark the 18th year of this ceremony and will once again be attended

    by hundreds of people. The community of Harshaw will swell, as will the hearts of those that attend. The Veterans Ceremony

    has been recognized around the State and nationally, for their dedication to those that have served, and those that are serving today.

    In 2015, after efforts by Rick’s group and the local community it was announced that Harshaw (Cassian) was awarded a

     six acre site for a National Cemetery, across the road from where the annual ceremony takes place.

    This will allow northern Wisconsin Veteran’s families closer access to their loved one’s gravesites.

    If you’re in the area, stop by on the Saturday before Memorial Day, (this year’s event is scheduled for May 26)

    if you can’t make it, consider supporting the event by going to: veteransceremony.org and making a contribution.

    Rick tells me that even when inclement weather has threatened the event, somehow the rain has stopped long enough

    and the sun has shown through to brighten the day. Perhaps a certain Master Sergeant is still overseeing things.

    Rick and John are just two examples of the difference our family of UFCW members make in their communities every day.  

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